Could it be just that easy?

Author Valrie Blair
Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011
Could it be just that easy?
If we are constantly denied water we are less likely to recognize the urge to drink and in turn think it is really an urge to eat. Could it be that we mistakenly eat when our body would function better with more water?
I can personally remember the frustration when asking the teacher for water and getting a total “NO” because Johnny just got a drink of water. “Wait till recess” the teacher would say.

Before bottled water was popular, you had to wait until you got home or you had to drink from a pubic water fountain., These kinds of wait times are what sets the pace for suppressing our thirst sensations, or worst, confusing it with being hungry.

Interestingly, the brain is only about 2% of our body weight, yet it uses 20% of our body's energy. If the brain is used more (in times of stress) and the body is not used proportionately to supply the brain with it’s sugar need, a person may give in to eating more often and in larger quantities.

It becomes even more dramatic if one does not recognize the thirst signals of the human body. Instead of drinking water by itself, more food is consumed. When we are stressed we can easily become dehydrated.

The reason we tend to gain weight is simply that we eat to supply the brain with energy for its constant around the clock activity. However, when food is eaten only about 20 percent of it reaches the brain. The rest will gradually become stored if muscle activity does not use up its allocated portion. Water is an important part of supplying energy to the brain and with water as a source for energy, this storage does not happen. Excess water is passed out in the form of urine.

Making a special effort to drink water by itself within an hour before eating , helps restore a person’s ability to once again be able to decifier between thirst signals and hunger.

- Valrie Blair

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