Feet like to communicate

Author Valrie Blair
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012
Feet like to communicate

If you know anything about feet you know they are more then people give them credit for.

Just ask the engineers of the 2013 Ford Escape. You may have seen the commercial with the small Crossover and the new Ford technology from the European Ford C-Max. The Escape's hands-free Power Tailgate allows owners to open the car's back hatch with a kick of the foot. Instead of having to reach down and push a button on a key knob or manually open the tailgate (which can be an issues with a handful of groceries) the Escapes owner just kicks their foot under the back bumper. Ingenious!

If you know the language of the feet you can have the greatest of communications. When they hurt, if they swell, when they are numb, if they are cramped, if they are flat, or are high arched. They talk loud and clear. If you haven't been listening perhaps this is the time to get in the know.

This week is Reflexology week! It only comes but once a year, just like Christmas. Now is the time to get to know the best friend your feet never met. Take advantage of our 15 min free and we can make the introduction to your feet, after all you owe them at least something free!

In the hands of a reflexologist they say plenty, like how you are feeling today, how you where affected by raking leaves or sweeping the steps, they can even tell how to relieve unwanted physical discomfort. If you think they have betrayed you with pain or are unsightly maybe they are just trying to get your attention.

We know they do a lot for us making us aware of the world around us, in ways we can and cannot see. For example the feet have a synergistic relationship with the inner ear. Our equilibrium or balance is directly affected by their communication.

They can complete our look for dress or casual as they show off their owners hygiene status, creativity and sensuality. They carry us through thick and thin on the highest of heels to without support at all, everything but what they long for and they will tell us all about it if they are mistreated or they can't take it anymore. Our feet talk.

Not only do they do all this, but now they can open the car door too!


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