How about a little TLC?

Author Valrie Blair
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011
How about a little TLC?
The hands are a wonderful way to use reflexology to improve your immune system during the changing season. When we talk about immunity we are mostly concerned with the lymphatic system in and around the throat and underarms. This is most important for air-borne influences.

As the seasons change, the body works harder to adjust to the weather and tries to keep up with the hectic pace of life that we have already set in motion. Most of us can’t just take a few days off to become adjusted so we just continue on. We don’t go to bed any earlier, or eat any better, or get any more hugs! (which by the way is an excellent immune booster!) We just expect our bodies to keep up.

So how about a little TLC?

How about some self-administered Reflexololgy? Here you go...

Look at your hand with the thumbs together. This is like looking at the front of your body.
The fingers hold the reflexes to your neck and everything in it. The knuckles closest to your wrist reflex your chest and upper torso, and everything in them.

Use one hand to rub around the base of the fingers as if putting on a glove that is too small. Use your thumb on one side of each finger, and fingers on the opposite side, as if the glove was really too small. Rub deeply and thoroughly. Start at the tip of each finger and work that glove on, each and every finger and around the thumb.

One of your working fingers might slip up onto the top of the hand and into a grove when getting to the base of each finger. Continue with that motion until your slipped working finger is fully extended over the top of the hand. Do the right hand and then the left.

You can do this at dinner with your hand on your lap, or waiting for an appointment, in bed, watching a movie, in traffic, on the bus etc. Do it whenever you feel the need to or make a habit of it and your immunity will increase.

Then you can get those extra hugs without wasting them on immunity boosting. Just getting hugged for the sake of getting hugged. Because after all, that's what its all about.

- Valrie Blair

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