How wonderfully we are made

Author Valrie Blair
Friday, Oct 7, 2011
How wonderfully we are made
On this Thanksgiving weekend people will undoubtedly ask “What are you thankful for?”

Of course we all have a list, one we can share with others or a deep feeling of oneness with all that is dear to us, one that can not be put into words.

If you have a chance to step outside away from family and friends, festivities and obligations, just remove your shoes, step into the grass, on a warm deck, in soft sand, on a stoney walkway, a beach, or perhaps just the back steps.

Having your feet naked on this foreign surface can give you a different outlook. Reflect for a moment or two, on how wonderfully we are made.

Everyone is different. Yet for ones heart to skip a beat in anticipation of ones grandchildren, ones children, ones love, is a sign of good health. Feeling compassion, being able to laugh when happy and cry when sad, remorse or regret, are all emotions that we may take for granted but these are signs of a balanced body chemistry.

A healthy lifestyle can help us enjoy all of our emotions to the fullest in a realization of how wonderfully we are made.

Have a great long weekend!

- Valrie Blair

October 7th, 2011 12:43 pm
I am thankful for my feet each and every day.... I love spreading my toes in the dirt! And I am extremely thankful for you and your life changing reflexology treatments.... best time to dig my toes into the earth is after they've spent time with you. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
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