It’s finally time to put on those shoes!

Author Valrie Blair
Friday, Sep 16, 2011
It’s finally time to put on those shoes!
It’s finally time to put on those shoes! Surprised that a reflexologist would voice such an opinion? Well its really the sight of unkept feet that bothers me. The feet are, after all, a reflection of the body. Cracked heels and fungal skin, toe nails that are too long, bunions and crooked toes, and no one seems to be bothering with it?

Home foot care only requires soap, a nail brush and an excellent foot cream. Oh yeah and some nail polish remover for those who need it!

Its time to care for your footsies folks. Why not soothe your feet in a nice salt bath? Sea salt is best. And you might as well do the whole body while you're at it - 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup epsom salt in a full bath.

While in your bath use your nail brush with a bit of soap or shampoo to brush your feet. Let them rest out of the water while you soothe your body. Then brush them again, spending a bit of time on the toes and the small arche under the foot. Then do the heels and the back of the foot. Use the nail brush around the nails in a circular motion, then rinse once more. Three times is a charm. Yes, I am sure you will agree it is stimulating.

After your bath, towel your feet vigorously and dry each toe, pushing the cuticle back and making sure to get between the toes. This will help get rid of any fungus and odours now that your feet will be burried in shoes and boots for the winter.

If you can’t cut your nails yourself you may be able to find a good source for that in your community or from your family. Long nails are costly. They rub holes in your socks, they turn black when they rub on your sneekers during sports and can cost you the game when they turn into ingrown toenails!

When you are done in the tub, apply a good foot cream and a pair of socks. Now you are ready to curl up with a good book or watch the game - what ever turns you on because your job is done. For now anyway.

As far as the bunions and crooked toes, they all say something about your body and it’s present condition. By working the reflexes of the feet your reflexologist can help release stress and really make a difference in the look and condition of your feet as well as improving how you generally feel.

After all spring and those sexy sandles are just around the corner!

- Valrie Blair

September 22nd, 2011 12:43 pm
My favourite article. I have stopped getting pedicures for fear of "germs" and have started treating my feet with as much care as the rest of my body.... love your idea x3....
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