Living is easy

Author Valrie Blair
Monday, Aug 27, 2012
Living is easy
When pressure is applied to these nerve endings by walking in a natural way over earthy surfaces you can’t help but relax and take that deep breath that will calm your soul.

Although we can induce that healthful sensation by direct stimulation to those nerve endings of the feet in any session of reflexology, it is only simulating the real thing.

What the body longs for? Contact with the good old earth, in its many forms.

If you are unable to take that needed barefoot walk or you worry about the safety of the beaches, broken glass or hidden debris than Reflexology could be your answer.

As you relax in the comfort and security of the reflexology chair, your feet will bring you that beneficial physical response to the health concern you may be dealing with.

Is it effective? Centuries’ of sustained use point to a “Yes”. Over 1 million sites under the heading of reflexology on the internet show the immense interest in the ancient art of healing.

From the cradle to the grave, in sickness and in health, Reflexology can be the supportive element you have been missing due to our sophisticated lifestyle that has misplaced the simplicity of the true essence of living. 

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