No one to play with

Author Valrie Blair
Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011
No one to play with
If you are looking for a good reflexologist and one has not materialized as of yet in accordance with your wishes, give this age old foot manipulation a try.

Gather a hand full of your favourite polished stones. Most people have them laying around as they were all the rage in décor for the last few years. They look beautiful on the coffee table, in fountains, or glass jars, but they can have a double purpose.

Choose a variety of pebbles. Knobby, smooth, small, whatever feels good to you. I have my favourites from the North Carolina Beaches. I would collect “Fulgurites” (petrified lightning). They are the perfect odd shapes for all self-administered reflexology points.

Throw your pebbles on the floor in a pile or scatter them about. Now simply step on the stones, finding the special areas that feel good under your foot. Where you feel tenderness, manipulate your foot over the stones. One foot then the other.

If the stones are in the living room near the TV area you can make it a habit to do this during commercials. Then during the show try and pick up the stones with your toes. Or stick the stones between each toe, three for each foot. Four if you're really flexible! This will keep you focused during the commercials.

Or you can keep them on the carpet in front of the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink. Anywhere that you can remember to do it often. Remember this activity is to simulate the effects of walking bare feet as we were meant to do every single day.

This exercise will help with general health and relaxation. Repeat it often. Before you know it you will be collecting stones and they will have a special meaning to you, knowing what they do for your health. And pretty soon your visualization will come to fruition as you will find yourself in that long awaited reflexology chair.

- Valrie Blair

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