Out with the Old - In with the New

Author Valrie Blair
Sunday, Sep 29, 2013
Out with the Old - In with the New
A young woman did not go on vacation this year but she is content as she removes the long time bandage from her small toes. The bruising is gone now. She reaches down to feel her recently operated baby toes which now react like rubber, giving way to her touch. They looked like they did before the operation but now they are without structure, something many women are doing these days.  
She slowly lowers the stylish stilettos she has showcased on her closet shelf, the ones she has held in reverence for months. She is so excited for this moment as she has saved her resources and restricted her activities to achieve her ultimate goal.
She holds up a seductive shoe and admires it. She could not get the shoe to fit before but now it fits beautifully, since the removal of the fifth phalange bones in her little toes.  As she slips into the shoe, the baby toes now fold into place to make her foot look dainty and narrow. “It was all worth it” she smiles to herself. No doubt she has become educated with the following terms in her pursuit of fashion. With little concern for her future posture, balance nor what health related internal effects the surgery may cause she glances at her silhouette, “Dam, I look good!”.
  • Toe Shortening - Removes bone to shorten the toe.This surgery is for women that have trouble fittin their toes into tight shoes.
  • Toe Lengthening- The toe bone is stretched or fused with an implant to make short toes appear more even with the rest of the foot.
  • Toe Straightening- Corrects the angle of the toe bone to straighten the digit.
  • Foot Narrowing- Shaves off bunions, or removes the pinky toe to make the foot more slender.
  • Hyperhidrosis- Injects botox to curb excess sweating               
  • Foot Padding- Injects fat into the foot pad to provide more cushioning

A beautiful maiden takes a long bare foot walk on the beach, in and out of the water’s edge she moves. The long walk has provided a chance for her body to rebalance itself. The oneness with the elements and her chance to de-stress has resulted in hormone and nerve rejuvenation, the glow of her face and the shine of her hair, says it all as youth shows itself once more. The reflection of the sun off the water has tanned her skin to an even golden brown. An anklet of braided grasses adorns her feet as they have been naturally pedicured by the sandy sloughing of her heels. The pinky hue of her toe nails glisten in the sun from their excited venture outdoors.

That natural look that comes with rest and relaxation never seems to get tired. The healthy look that says this person has done what it takes to maintain their health. One of my clients once said “ if it is not possible to be at one with the earth then Reflexology is the answer”.
If you are one that takes advantage of what nature has to offer and understands we are but a part of the bigger picture, if you feel that being whole and caring for the human form that incases our spirit is a gift. Then you will enjoy the benefits Reflexology can bring. Try something NEW!
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