Pleasure and pain

Author Valrie Blair
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011
Pleasure and pain
How do we know how deeply to apply the pressure during a treatment? The greater the pressure, the deeper it will reach to the reflexes, yielding longer results. A softer touch will create more relaxation and less pain, but the results seem to last for a shorter time.

The Cues

As long as the person receiving the pressure is not blocking the work by tightening up or resisting the touch, it is just enough. You may have to work together with the person in order to find what is perfect for them and what they want to accomplish.

For example, someone worrying about the birthing experience would not receive the same pressure as someone recovering from a sports injury. The person’s facial reaction is usually a good indicator of pain or discomfort. There are different approaches to delivering reflexology in different countries, but the body is the same the world over. Pain and pleasure are universal.

- Valrie Blair

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