Reflexology 1, 2... 10

Author Valrie Blair
Friday, Sep 16, 2011
Reflexology 1, 2... 10

Some years ago when I lived in Montreal I had the privilege of working with a young boy about 11 years of age. He had been traumatized by a family event and would not say a word, he hadn’t spoken for two years. He would turn away when you would say “Hello” to him and he was quite introverted. However he was very bright and as he began his sessions I felt we needed to have some kind of communication in order to continue. How was I to keep his attention long enough for reflexology to make a difference? I came up with this Reflexology scale from 1 to 10. It kept him entertained. He would have the chart on his lap and throughout the sessions he would hold up 8 or 1 or 10 fingers and laugh.

 I have used it in my practice for those special occasions ever since.

 Survey says……

  1. I think I should show you how to do this.
  2. A little harder please, I think I’m starting to feel something.
  3. This is so relaxing wake me up when it’s over
  4. Keep going, this feels so good
  5. That hurts so good, I should do this every day
  6. Oh what’s that tender spot? Don’t worry you can’t hurt me
  7. This hurts so much I’d like to scream but I’m too embarrassed to.
  8. I don’t care, I’m  going to scream and kick!
  9. If you don’t ease up I’m never coming back!!
  10. I’m never coming back!!!

- Valrie Blair


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