We are who we have been becoming

Author Valrie Blair
Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014
We are who we have been becoming

Back then in 1978, I believed what many now see as main stream, that there is a strong connection between “mind and body”. 

I found early on,during certain parts of the session, clients would all at once
change their conversation to a specific topic of their choosing. I had wondered if I could direct the conversation in a way that would lead to some lasting benefit to the client, correlating between where the feet needed work and to what the person was experiencing in their life at the time.

It would be years before I found the solid substantiated answer to my perplexing inquiry.

At one point in my career, I had a conversation with a Psychiatrist who wanted to know more about the work I was doing as a Reflexologist. He thought it would be a great adjunct to his work as a psychiatrist as he wanted to connect on a physical level while probing the psyche, and reflexology was so “non invasive” as he put it. He was on the right track but unfulfilled was his theory, as was mine. Little did we know, in another part of the world the pieces were coming together in a very tangible, plausible way under the direction of Dr. R.G.Hamer.

Through Dr.Hamer's findings, what many of us in the alternative health world called “Mind,  Body connection” now had been supplied the missing component, the “Psyche”.
How profound, every cancer or cancer-like disease originated with a very difficult, highly acute, dramatic, isolated shock or event. The event or shock is concurrent on three levels
1/ the psyche
2/ the brain and
3/ the organ
The event or shock could be verified by the mark left on the brain ( seen by CT scan) as well as the organ (cancer equivalent disease) due to the unanticipated nature of the event that also marked the psyche.

In the 1980’s,  Dr. Hamer submitted his findings, changing how we look at disease and Cancer. “ An intentional program of nature meant for our survival,”  is how he put it. It rang true to me the moment I heard the “ First" of the Five Biological Laws. It gave me such pleasure to know my questions of long ago were founded and there truly was an answer that could be proven. This is just one aspect of the work I have continued to study since my introduction of the German New Medicine as taught by Ilsedora Laker under the direction of Dr.Hamer.

The predictability of the return of clients puzzled me. Returning a year to the day of their last reflexology sessions, had to be more than a coincidence. I began to keep track of this phenomena. This too was verifiable through the work of Dr.Hamer in the "reoccurrence of symptoms".

I had found the answer to the questions that taunted me.  I was not idealistic as I embraced this new methodology.  With my reflexology, I  coach clients as to how the German New Medicine can better their health and ultimately their lives. Phone work has proven to be an alternative in some cases, as has all the other new methods of communication.

However it has changed the landscape of my business, at first leaving vacancies as people moved on pain free, but word of mouth travels fast and the vacancies were replaced with new faces. This added component to my work has created such profound healing, that many will feel well in no time and therefore preclude any need for numerous sessions, as it can work for anyone bringing to their session the desire and willingness to be open. Further work becomes unnecessary as healing can take place in phenomenal, almost instantaneous ways. I must express the importance of understanding the basics of GNM so that one is free to experience full partnership in the healing process. This is structured into the session. It is not a metaphysical phenomena as some would hope be the answer.

I like to use words like proven, synchronized, and ironclad when speaking about the GNM Experience.

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