You say you don’t have anything to bargain with?

Author Valrie Blair
Wednesday, Sep 21, 2011
You say you don’t have anything to bargain with?
An absolutely promising way to stay up that extra hour and watch your favorite show is to take the foot of the person with the remote and work it!

It’s a proven theory that people relax when you work their feet.  When people are relaxed, they are more motivated to see things your way… within reason of course. So here is a quick example of how to get things your way.

Getting your motion ready.

Sit at a counter and place your hand on the table. Tap your fingers on the table as if you are impatient. Little finger first, then the next, and the next until ending with your index finger. Repeat several times until you have a rhythm, then close your hand and do it with your knuckles. It feels weird but try it.
How do you work the foot effectively?

Warm a towel in the dryer for 10 minutes. Get comfortable and place a small pillow on your knee. We're talking about watching TV so let them rest their feet on your lap, on the small pillow, wrapped up in the warm towel. Nice and comfy.

In this case it is not what you do but rather that you do it continuously. Expose one foot at a time and commence with the knuckle rhythm you warmed up with earlier.
Under the foot, this knuckle rhythm becomes more like a circular motion and feels very nice, especially to someone that has been at work all day.

Enjoy your show!

- Valrie Blair

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