Self help Enthusiasts have you seen this
Friday, Apr 3, 2015
Now Self-help Enthusiasts have access to their health at their very finger tips with the amazing Reflexology Ring. No matter which discipline or reflexology map you prefer, the advise of Eunice Ingham's reflexology poem rings true, "Find the sore spot and work it out!" See the Ring in action . . .  

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We are who we have been becoming
Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014
Being a second generation Reflexologist has it's benefits. I've had my mother to mentor me and I continued to build on her years of knowledge, an edge in my work for which I will be eternally grateful. As you probably already know Reflexology is a wonderful work, based on the principal that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all glands, organs and parts of the body. Yes it is indeed a "Body work."  

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Out with the Old - In with the New
Sunday, Sep 29, 2013
The new way, the disciplined pursuit of less.
The old way, the undisciplined pursuit of more.
The change? How we utilize the earth’s bounty in view of diminishing resources. To this end take this test and evaluate if you are part of the new or still holding on to the old antiquated way of communicating with our planet and even closer, our bodies. I invite you to "read more" and entertain which scenario appeals to you?

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Feet like to communicate
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012
If you know anything about feet you know they are more then people give them credit for. Just ask the engineers of the 2013 Ford Escape. You may have seen the commercial with the small Crossover and the new Ford technology from the European Ford C-Max. The Escape's hands-free Power Tailgate allows owners to open the car's back hatch with a kick of the foot. Instead of having to reach down and push a button on a key knob or manually open the tailgate (which can be an issues with a handful of groceries) the Escapes owner just kicks their foot under the back bumper. Ingenious!  

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Living is easy
Monday, Aug 27, 2012
It’s been a long hot summer and the living is easy. When I say easy, I mean it is easy to slip off the open shoes and walk on the beach, in the grass or on a near by stoney area just to get that feeling that only comes with direct stimulation to the reflex points in your feet.  

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